TRS Claim on Video Games

Hi guys,

Has anyone successfully claimed TRS on video games? I have purchased a Nintendo switch and some video games + controller from ebgames and travelling overseas next month. Will this all be eligible for a TRS claim?

Thanks heaps.


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    Yes but make sure
    1. the console and games are purchased 60 days before you leave Australia
    2. total amount must exceed $300 (including GST) from a SINGLE business
    3. you carry all of them as hand luggage

    Regarding #3, in the past, Melbourne Airport can verify the goods and then you can put large items in your check-in luggage.
    Recently for some reason they stopped doing it so you have to carry the goods.


    need more info.


    Yep, I have claimed on a Switch plus a a few games following the same conditions that zdterry mentioned.

    If you use the TRS app, during busy times there's a separate queue that is often shorter. Plus you can fill in all the details beforehand.


    Use the app and get the QR code, it will make your life easier when you can get in the shorter queues that @RandomNinja mentions.


    See earlier post regarding another switch + games purchaser