Best place to buy OnePlus 7T

Hey guys,

So long story short I got screwed over by BecexTech. Ordered a 7T from them which was faulty, then the phone they were planning to send me as a replacement is also faulty and now they're telling me they don't have stock despite it still being for sale on their site.

I'm looking for a new place to buy from. Anyone here able to recommend anywhere I can buy the phone from?



  • I'm looking to buy a 7T in next few months (have a 3T ATM but my model doesn't have band 28 and I'm about to move to Telstra network).

    A lot of people on Whirlpool recommend this site to buy the phone

    • Cheers yeah I came across that thread just after posting here (was heading over there to post the same question) and found that thread.

      I've bought from them while I wait for a refund from Becextech. Hopefully my experience will be the same as those on Whirlpool.

  • I'm looking to buy one too but I'm terrified at the green tint issue.

    It is very common on this phone but I still want it so bad that I'm gonna take a risk.

    There's people who have reported they got it replaced 3x times and all of them had the same issue. It is so common that I am not willing to buy it from any seller unless I know I can return it with no hassle if I don't win the "OLED lottery" as they call it.

    This is the seller I'm looking at buying from atm.

    Let me know how you go

    • FWIW I got mine this morning from BBB. No issues with the screen whatsoever.


      • That's awesome dude. Congrats!
        I'm gonna go with eBay and see how I go.

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