Joy Con Drifting and Jb Hifi

Hi all

Not sure if this has been discussed before but I havent been able to see anything about it.

Would anyone know if JB hifi has a policy for the joy con drift issue?

Ive heard EB with just replace with a new one even outside of warranty.

Just wondering if JB has any at all.

Ive requested contact and havent heard back and also called the local store and they didnt know about it.


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    Not that I know of - but I had a problem with mine drifting - if you call Nintendo they'll replace it - you just need to send it to them.

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    Call Nintendo, send to their Melbourne address, they send u a replacement

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    Just create a service repair request on their site. Then you need to provide a proof or purchase when they contact you, they repair the fault outside of the 1 year mark.
    Mine was just under 2 years and they would have fixed the stick issue free of charge had I not lost my receipt.


    I had this scenario. Joy con just under two years old drifting and not connecting via Bluetooth. JB were great to deal with, they sent it off to Nintendo for me. Nintendo turned around and said the controller was physically damaged (e.g insinuating I broke it - I did not) and refused to do anything about it. They charged $20 to send it back which JB very graciously paid for me.

    I still have the controller, it's useless and I haven't had time to follow it up further with Nintendo as I know their mind is made up that I damaged it even though this is a known issue.

    Nintendo, you suck.


      Haha. That IS actually part of my problem. I lost it with one of my joycons, and hoped a good THWACK on the ground would resolve it. I mean, it doesn't get any worse right?
      Yeah, well the button click stopped working.
      The charge was free for the joystick repair, $20 for appraisal fee and $50 for the stick click. $70 would have been fine as it's a repair for good (as in the joycon drift)
      But it was the extra #30 For lack of proof of purchase that was a hard no from me.
      $100 for a repair when I can get them new for less? (Currently $94 at dick Smith and eb games price match that)
      Although THIS time I'm hanging onto the receipt for when my new ones start to drift…


    I think EB games is up to the staff member.
    Went to one in Rundle mall they tried to charge me for repair, crossed the road and went to the other, got a second hand replacement free of charge.


      They probably just chucked yours in the second hand pile hoping the next person wouldn't notice the drift ;)


    so not as good a eb then….

    ive seen a lot of people saying nintendo deny theres a problem so they have to pay just to get joy cons back not repaired.

    even though mines nearly 2 years old theyre barely used.

    might just have to try my luck its a shame.

    surely they cant continue to sell this crap at $100 or more when the quality is this poor.


      Try your luck I guess.

      I'm either going to try and repair mine myself, or just buy new ones (last ditch option, don't want to reward Nintendo for making a crappy product)


    i posted it in this week will see what nintendo says