Help me choose a monitor

I've got $320 worth of JB vouchers and was wanting to upgrade my old computer monitor. Mainly to be used for gaming but also watching some movies and web browsing.

I found this article:

And specifically was thinking about one of these three:

I definitely want Freesync and a higher refresh rate is desirable. I like the idea of a larger screen (current one is 24 inch) but worried the image might suffer at only 1920*1080.

Would dearly appreciate any suggestions, ideas or feedback.


Edit: I have a Radeon RX 580 8Gb Graphics card


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    It is probably best to name your exact video card and typical FPS when you play games.


      Thanks Eeples - I have a Radeon RX 580 8Gb graphics card (and I've edited the original post to reflect this).

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    It depends how you play, do you want to zoom your head in to see certain sections or do you want be constantly moving your head around?

    32 inch screen to play on is going to make it difficult to see everything in the one place if you are sitting too close. It kind of defeats the purpose of it in my opinion unless you like playing on the couch or over 1 meter away.