Chair for Gaming/Studying? Budget of around $150 to $200

Hi guys,

I'm currently using an old office chair from my dad's workplace (is like this chair, but with less features -> and I'm thinking of getting a new chair to replace it and would love to hear some suggestions on what I could get!

Some reasons why I'd like to replace it:

  • I'd like a chair with a higher back so I could lean back into the chair, especially when I'm watching videos or would just like to relax for a bit

  • Would like better lower back support, as when I sit in my chair now there's a gap between my lower back and the back of the chair, though this could also be bad sitting posture as well

  • arm rests for reasons much like the first. I've read that arm rests hold your arms in an unnatural position that isn't healthy but they're pretty comfortable

I know the general consensus is to spend a lot of money on a good ergonomic chair, be it new or second-hand but unfortunately as an non-working uni student I don't have the money to even think about doing that :(


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    Buro Metro Chair when on sale, roughly $230.

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    Ikea Markus (230) or jarvfjallet (199 w/o armrests, 230 w/).

    You can adjust a lot on the jarvfjallet, headrest, lumbar pillow, seat positioning etc. but the seat itself is quite firm. Nothing that a cushion can't fix.

    The Markus has a larger and more comfortable seat but far less features to adjust.

    Neither have adjustable armrests.

    I own both, the Markus feels better to slack around on but the Jarvfjallet feels much better to sit in for extended periods of time.

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    Sometimes if you walk into Officeworks, they have some already made up chairs on clearance. Doesn't always happen, but worth a look. When I went to look before xmas I got a $200 chair for $35 with the bonus of not having to build it. It was bright blue (not the black I would have chosen) but the colour makes me happy whenever I see it.

    Also depends on your size. I'm short and need a smaller chair than my husband/son who are much taller than me.

    Mesh backs are cooler for summer.

    Aldi has office chairs on sale sometimes, they are decent for the price.

    I have bought a lot of office chairs (x 5 people) over the last twenty years or so. The life of office chairs is only a few years, the spokes where the castors attach often break (buying the spokes in metal stops this happening) and also the castors quite often break. Gas lifts often break too.


    Buy my dx racer large chair. White n black lol

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    The reason to avoid armrests is at the correct sea ting height they will stop you sitting close enough to the desk. This will encourage you to put your seat lower creating a myriad of postural issues.