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50% off First Month: 30 Day Supply of Designer Perfume $9.95 ($19.95 Thereafter) with Free Delivery from Scent Haven

Scent Haven business launch promo started on 8th Jan 2020. 50% off subscription on all the designer fragrances. only $9.95 with FREE delivery Australia wide.
Try difference perfumes before committing to a full-sized bottle. Subscription cancel at any time.

Scent Haven

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  • what's the catch ?

  • How many mls in a 30 day sample?

    You've got a lot of basic perfumes where an extra $10-20 can get you a full bottle.

    • Thanks for checking out the website. It's a mixture of different perfumes. There are perfumes like Penhaligon's at $275 or more per 100ml bottle or Jo Malone at $150-$180 per 100ml etc. They are not something can get with just extra $10-$20 for a full bottle.

      • fair point about Jo Malone fragrances. the Wood Sage Sea Salt 100ml is $199.

        but, combine with one of the regular Amex statement credit offers that give you $20 back and that 100ml bottle is now $169. i bought a 100ml bottle back in late 2017 and more than 12 months later, i'm only halfway through it. (my average usage is 2 squirts/day).

        with this subscription model, $199 would only get me a 10 month supply

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          You are very smart and spot-on :)

          That calculation tells you a black and white answer based on the condition that only if you spray your perfume 4 times a day or 120 sprays per month and non-stop for 10 months. That might not be a case for the majority.

          10 month supply can still get you going for years depending on how frequent you spray and on top of that, you get 10x different fragrances to try in 10 months time. This is the beauty :) Again, literally, cancel at any time. The purpose is to offer the opportunity to the bigger society to try the scent for a certain period of time to decide before committing to a full bottle.

          The last thing we want is to end up spending $200 to buy a full-sized perfume and that never gets finished after years (talking about 4-5 years). We also want to try other fragrances from time to time based on our mood or occasion etc without burning the bank :)

          • @magicpower991: Lol do your subscribers also get a sample of patronisation with every order?

            So the "majority" use more, do they? Is that what your market research found or are you just hoping your customers can't do their own cost/benefit analysis based on their usage? (You're advertising on ozbargain so don't expect too many of the latter.)

            Jo Malone always gives you free samples with your order. Not that samples are expensive to come by on eBay either. So the big fuss you're making about being stuck with a bottle of fragrance is nothing but hot air

          • @magicpower991: you won't fare well in ozb

    • 8mlper sample for $20. Don’t think it’s worth it.

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        Hi Commenter,

        Thanks for your concern. There is no obligation for members and can cancel at any time.

        With this price, it offers a luxury aluminium case with a glass vial, a luxury hard cardboard slide box, Free delivery Australia wide (standard shipping same city with Australia Post for $8.95 and cost more to rural areas). All these inclusions just for $19.95. The current promotion is $9.95 for an 8ML any selected authentic designer fragrance with FREE delivery including everything mentioned above.

  • don’t even have dior sauvage. how?

  • Good website and business. Just perfumes are too normal.

  • What are these packs like - are they sample bottles from the brands / manufacturers or who's really packaging them and are they authorised to package and resell these brands ?