Kogan Video Doorbell??

In the market for a battery powered video doorbell with local storage, and came across this one from Kogan,


Couldn't find any reviews online. So wondering if anyone has used it Or can anyone recommend better one? Don't want to go with Ring with all the issue with security.



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    check the smarterhome app at the playstore for reviews

    these all look good til you use them ,
    had a ring 1 , would not connect to wifi
    ebay video doorbell similar to this https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Wireless-Video-Doorbell-Camera-W... batteries last 4 months LOL - 2 weeks if your lucky

    tread carefully



      Agree with rickxs, it's not worth buying cheaper versions because they're likely to be rubbish. Even the well known brands such as Ring can be a hit and miss.

      I recently bought the wireless door bell similar to the link above and it's useless. It doesn't even activate the in-house chime so you can imagine how useless it is as a wifi video doorbell.

      I have seen the Kogan doorbell and it looks good but I am also waiting for more reviews. I don't want to replace the current dud with another one.

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    I have a Kogan wireless battery powered security camera and it works well. The software is pretty decent and I am guessing the doorbell works the same way. It records to a micro SD card and it can be accessed from my phone. From there you can delete, playback etc. Basic functions such as pir sensitivity etc can be adjusted.

    Battery life so far is about 2 months before needing charging (only had it setup for about 3 months)

    I am happy enough with it that I am going to buy the doorbell as well.

    This one,



      Hi revheadgl. Thanks for the information. Just wondering, have you set up your camera for instant alerts on your smart phone and is there any lag?

      The issue with the doorbells(such as my current crappy one) is a person will ring the bell and either I will get the alert too late or not at all.

      If there is lag on the Kogan security camera, there may be lag on the doorbell as well which would make it unusable as a real time video doorbell.



        Yes I have it set for instant alerts. There is a little lag between triggering the camera and receiving the alert, though I have not timed it. Guessing its about 2-3 seconds?

        I will check it when I get home and post here for you.


    :-) Cool thanks. I have short-listed that door bell and interested to hear if it actually works.

    Would you mind trying something. When you test instant alerts, could you switch off the wifi on your phone. Ask someone to trigger the camera for an instant alert and then try holding a 2 way conversation. This will simulate someone activating the doorbell while you are not at home. If you can hold a conversation without too much lag, then the doorbell might be worth buying as it will likely work in the same manner.

    I currently have Amazon Blink cameras outside the home and a Xiaomi camera inside, I just need a good wifi video doorbell (that works) to complete the package.

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      Hi, Just switched the wifi off and walked past the camera, took @ 5-6 seconds to receive notification. Notification was a pic only, went into the app to view the video stream. Probably took about 0.5 of a secend to trigger. Caught me as I had just walked past it.

      I haven't tried the conversation mode yet, will wait til the housemate gets home. Will post results later.

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      Sorry, didn't get to test the conversation mode, visitors. Will get to it tomorrow.

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    I have the same question, but with added detail.
    I bought the 'Ring' video doorbell because it stated "Integration with Google Nest Hub", but little did I know at the time, the "integration" just means you can do useless stuff like change the motion-detection settings.
    What I want is a video doorbell where when the doorbell rings, the video feed pops up on the Google Nest Hub.
    Pretty common goal I would have thought.
    I assume (happy to be corrected) that this Kogan Slim Doorbell has the same crippled kind of integration with Google Nest Hub.

    Has anyone set up the video-to-nest-hub doorbell functionality that I'm looking for? What brand(s) to use?


      +1 - looking for the same answer. I presume Google's own Nest Hello does it but it seems impossible to buy it locally and storage is subscription-based.


    Hi all. The app is quite good and obviously can use with other kogan smart products which is nice as they have quite a large selection of smart products now.

    The battery depends on how sensitive you have it. There's off, low, mid, and high for motion. So you can turn motion off and use as a standard doorbell that will trigger recording as soon as it's pressed, then turn motion on when you're away. Generally I've noticed takes about 2-3 seconds of motion before it starts to record. Has local storage only but there's no subscriptions which is great.

    I did have problems with 2 of them. 1 kept cutting out, which I got warranty covered for. 2nd one the chime wouldn't pair with the doorbell. But I could pair it with the broken one from before which was good. The customer service guys form kogan were great and helpful. Only paid 80 at the time so I'm happy with the purchase

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