Cordless Drill for General DIY $100- $200

Want to purchase a new cordless drill for drilling through our metal sheets roof and later, general DIY projects around the house.
Probably will only use once or twice a year so not looking to spend a lot - just something that's reliable and does the job. I had a look at a few and the below two looks to be within budget:

My question is, will they be enough for general DIY around the house and which one should I go with or would you recommend something else entirely? Know next to nothing about drills so any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • for drilling through our metal sheets roof

    Are you laying a complete new roof or just a few holes?

    • Just a few holes

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        Then a basic $50 drill will be fine. Check out bunnings.

        Has been as low as $20

        Or check out ozito drills at bunnings for a notch in quality.

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    The Aldi product is an impact driver - it's designed to put in screws. It won't take regular drill bits as it has a hex socket not a drill chuck. You can get special drills with hex ends but they not common and are generally more expensive. Aldi is selling a bit kit that includes such a few such bits - the second one.

    If you want one product for both drilling and putting in screws, I recommend a traditional drill driver like the DeWalt.

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    If you're going to start investing in quality tools for occasional use, I don't think you can do any better than the ozito powerxchange line. However if it really is just once or twice a year, you might be better off asking a friend for a loaner in exchange for a slab.

    The dewalt is only 24Nm of torque, while the ozito budget option is 35Nm, and cheaper to boot. Looks like low stock, but really recommend the ozito line up in general using the 18V battery. Power X Change tools are covered by a 5 year replacement warranty, and the batteries and chargers are covered by a 3 year replacement warranty.

    I don't recommend investing in the aldi cordless tool range, as it is much less hassle to buy a ozito tool anytime than having to wait for aldi to sell the tool you want. However, they are made by the same manufacturer as the ozito line, just batteries are sadly incompatible.

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    I personally have the Dewalt Brushless XR impact driver, has served me well for a few years now. I also have their hammer drill, blower, angle grinder, recip saw, large 1/2" impact driver & sds drill. I can't recommend their tools enough, love every one of them.

    Milwaukee also make great tools, super popular among tradies.

    In saying that i used my mum's Ozito impact driver recently when visiting and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, only real downside for me compared to the Dewalt would be the lack of speed control in the trigger and it's not well balanced.

    But seriously $100 for the Ozito kit from Bunnings you can't go wrong. I wouldn't consider anything more expensive unless your using the tools on a pretty regular basis.

  • Thanks all! Based on your recommendations I will go with the Ozito Power X Change 18v drill.

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