Getting a matching mobile number

Some years ago I got a prepaid sim from a company (forgot name) and they allowed me to enter a few digits and offered me choices of mobile numbers containing those digits.
Does anyone know of any company still offering such a service ?
It was a new company and the deal was posted on OzBargain.


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    That sounds like a good service!

    I remember when I got my mobile number in the late 90s and it just happened to have 7 out of the 10 digits as either a 4 or a 5 which makes it quick to roll off the tongue. People often ask if it is a legit number when I tell them.

    • What is it?

      • put up a joke number but took it down

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    Amaysim gives you an option to choose number of your choice bases on your input (1 to 5 digits).

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    You can purchase a gold number from Telstra, or a dodgy facebook seller.

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    I got a great number from a Telstra guy, a few years ago. He sat down with me and went through a bunch of available phone numbers looking for one with a bunch of duplicate numbers. I ended up with a great one.

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    I looked through the prepaid packs at my local big w and convenience shop to get mine.

  • I got my current mobile number through Tel$ra in a service request phone call about 10 or so years back.

    Hy home number was 03 9tuv wxyz and was offered 04 4tuv wxyz.

    So it's the same 7 numbers after 039 and 044 :-)

    The real shame of this is that I have now moved to another area 03 5… …. and I have disconnected copper line and rejected VOIP, but the mobile is easy to remember.

    As an aside, I also still have the last 6 digits of my original mobile number on another mobile from… a long time ago. After the system changes and many ports through different providers. So long ago I can't remember what the prefix was.

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