Mi Box 3 or Mi Box S ? (to Replace Optus Fetch TV)

Please help!

I am having the Fetch TV Mighty NO SOUND problem. My set up is as below:

I just bought a Viewsonic PX727 which is 4K, HDCP 2.2. My AV amp is 7.1 Onkyo TX SR706 bought in early 2000. (HDMI 1.3, no HDCP2.2)

Tried different connection methods:
1) FetchTV > Onkyo > projector = No video, No sound
2) Fetch TV > Projector = Video with stereo sound via projector's built-in speaker

3) Fetch TV > Jaycar HDMI 2.0 Audio Extractor > Video via HDMI to Projector + Digital audio to Onkyo : The result is: Video always works, however, with 5.1 audio, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. When the audio does not work, I unplug the power chord the HDMI Audio Extrator, then the audio works.

I am thinking of buying Mi box 3 or Mi Box S.
The connection will be Mi Box > HMDI to projector for 4k video > Optical 5.1 audio to AVR. Will it work?


  • Vodafone tv is 4k… Could be a good fit

    Sounds like your ideal would be optical between Mi box and amp, and hdmi from Mi box to TV. Get the best of both worlds

    I'd be making sure the player is capable of it (Vodafone tv or Mi box)

  • Upgrade the receiver. Solved.

  • Mi Box 3 has Dolby TrueHD pass through in Kodi, but doesn’t look like it’s getting Android Pie. Otherwise, they’re pretty much the same.

    But it’s also time to buy a HDMI2.0 switch with two outputs (one for TV, one for receiver) or better still a new receiver…