Car Cigarette Lighter to Power Outlet

Hi guys, was wondering if impossible to run a home air purifier in the car? By utilising the car cig lighter outlet as a source of power? We have a Vornado Ac300. Have two toddlers that's why I'm concerned. Car cabin air filter seems inadequate.

AQI is 560 where I live now. Madness. Thanks guys.


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    A home air purifier runs on 240v. A car is 12v. It can be adapted with an inverter setup but is it worth the hassles?

    Much easier and cheaper to just purchase a car air purifier - something like this maybe

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    You will need an inverter, which converts 12v DC into 240v a/c.


    Thanks guys. I will have a look at the dedicated car purifiers.


      Isn't that what the cabin air filters are intended for anyhow? If you get a decent filter, they would meet HEPA standards.


        Thanks. The car still smells and i get shortness of breath after driving for a while and it's a newish car and new filter. Maybe i'm just overreacting. Will see how it goes.


          newish car and new filter

          The cabin air filter is probably not a fancy HEPA or activated carbon one. You'll want something with activated carbon if it's the 'new car smell' (voltaile organics) that's upsetting you.

          Cabin air filters are rarely changed by mechanics. (Note: this is a different thing to the "air filter" that is on the engine air intake, which mechanics will often change at a service)

          You can replace it yourself with e.g.

          (other brands have similar offerings)

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          Just in case, make sure you have your a/c set to "re-circulating" if you're driving in bad air quality or inside tunnels etc.


    Something like is all you would need.
    This is a 150w inverter. You would need to confirm the power requirements of the air filter. Iā€™d doubt it would be more than 150w though.


    I would be more worried that you're overly concerned about air quality in your car….


    Sorry if i seem overreacting but have bad history of asthma and we have 2 kids under 3. If cabin air filter is plenty. That's fine. Thanks.


    The car still smells and i get shortness of breath after driving for a while

    Try opening the windows while driving.


    AQI of 560??? Where the hell is it that high?? I would consider leaving the area before I worry about how to scrub the air. At 560 you would barely be able to see, let alone breathe.

    I can't find anywhere in NSW that is that high.

    If you are concerned with the particulates in the air, then you would be better buying a better cabin filter, something that goes down to 2.5PM or less. Something like a Ryco Microshield filter does 2.5PM


      We live in Inner east Melbourne. Our nearest monitoring station is Box Hill. Showing as 528 now. Was close to 600 this morning. Very inconvenient.

      Checked with Ryco, they don't have it for our car, unfortunately.

      Anyway, i will leave it as it is, thanks for all the solutions from everyone.

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