Peoplecare Health Insurance: Anyone Use Them? Are They Any Good?

Anyone use Peoplecare Health Insurance? I believe they're part of Member Own group.

If so, are they any good in terms of making claim as such?

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  • We have been with Peoplecare for 7 years now and made several claims during the period. Yes their premiums have gone up quite a bit in the recent years but so are with other health insurers too (did the comparison every year to find out that the premium we are paying is on par / less with other insurers). Had extras for a while but later cancelled it, so now only have their top hospital cover. As with the claims, they are straight forward and easy to deal with, they also have an app to make the claims which makes the process more easier.

  • I am with Peoplecare, great Fund to work with but I just got my premium rise for 2020 and it's almost 5%, disappointing.

    I compared the same Silver Plus cover on Medibank Private and it is about $10 a month cheaper.