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Roborock S50 Robot Vacuum (EU Version) $474 + $15 Standard Shipping (Grey Import) @ Tecobuy


I'm in the market for a robot vacuum and this model has reviewed well. According to the expired prices I've seen on previous ozbargain posts, this is a semi-decent price for the model too, though since there's a newer model now perhaps prices will drop again. Other shipping options include $25 for for standard + insurance, and $40 for priority and $50 for priority and insurance.

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    S50 max out and it's the best


      the official roborock au website does not have the S5 max/ S50 max. Where can I get one?

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      Just offers a bigger water tank at the expense of the dust bin, and I bet 95% people don't even use the mop.
      S50 should be ~$399, isn't that what we paid last year on that ebay plus deal?


        Depends if you have carpets!!
        I have 50% tiles downstairs and use the mop of the S50 daily.
        Sure it might not give the best clean, but leaves a nice shiny just cleaned look. So I would say it helps to maintain a clean, if used regularly.
        eg: After dinner, I do a zone clean of the kitchen with the mop. Vacuums the crap before the kids and dog get a chance to grind the crap into the grout and tiles, while the mop seems to get most liquid spills before they set.

        I can see how the adjustable water and larger tank on the MAX could come in handy, but my issue is the dust bin is FULL after a complete run, so could not comprehend a smaller bin, given Roborock already have one of or possibly the smallest bins on the market!!
        Also the MAX seems to have many of the software updates missing on the standard S50

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    Surprised these are still going for this price. I paid $426.55 delivered 13 months ago.


      Agree, they do a good job, however over priced.


        Disagree, they deserve a high price if the products are good, Like Apple.
        Compare to same good product with other brand, they are still cheaper.


          I guess you could always buy a roomba for like $1300


            @phattZz: But that is like comparing to an S60, except with the key feature of self emptying.
            I do believe the RRR of $699 is still too much for this unit.

            I do like my S50, which cost around $360 before Christmas. Downside is I have to empty the damn dust bin every run and unlike the S60 or the Roomba, the S50 doesn't cope too well with moving to a different floor.

            Specifically: Lose all barriers and no-go zones and next run is in efficient has it hasn't worked out the map and doesn't know the optimum path. (starts one room, gets bored and them goes to the next).
            Also need to complete a full standard clean, to use the mop or any zone clean… Bit pissed as saving maps should just be software update, which Roborock have refused to do.
            While fiddly on the S60, at least it can save\remember maps and understands rooms.

            What I can say is that it does vacuum really well, and it is a nice feeling to take the dog for a walk after dinner, and come back home to see the nice neat vacuum patterns on the carpet without any footprints.


        Not when you look at the roomba 670 for a similar price, this absolutely destroys that thing..


    Anyone know much about tecobuy? Warranty/repairs etc.
    I'm also confused by "EU version (for AU Market only)", what does that entail?

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    What's the difference between that one and this: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Robot-Vacuum-Cleaner-Robotic-LDS...

    I bought the ebay one and cant tell the difference. Has all the features, app, boundary, mop etc..


      I doubt anyone can comment on the Unbranded ebay product, unless someone has bought from the same seller no idea what you are getting.
      The Roborock in this deal, is a popular unit from a popular manufacturer, with a proven track record, which is a completely different product to the unbranded ebay item.

      Remember that many vacuums have similar features as the Roborock, but when tested they just are not as efficient. The cleaning pattern efficiency of the S5/S50 when it came out was miles ahead of the competition, probably only the S6/60 is about 20% more efficient.
      If you buy a clone\unbranded, sure it could be good, but you have no way of knowing what you are getting.
      Personally with any appliance left plugged in with power 24x7, I purchase a reputable brand.


        Okay, having tested mine for a few days the floor is spotless. It doesn't get stuck and seems to be the same robot just unbranded. The app has a lot of features too.

        The seller on ebay is ozplaza one of the biggest retailers on there.

        Only issue is if having to deal with warranty or quality of the unit, but so far so good.


    I bought this for $500 and got the Australian version in December (not boxing day sales). In my view this isn't a deal.