In-Ceiling Speaker Installation for Atmos - Help and Advise

Hi Guys,

I am looking to do an installation of In-Ceiling speakers (x2) for Atmos in media room and need advise on what cables to use and how to lay the cables.

The speakers in questions are Micca's 8 inch in-wall speakers (

Not going for something fleshy, just a speaker as point of audio source for those extra channels. Previously I have had normal speakers on top of Fronts and also Atmos enabled Sony sscse ( speakers but the effects were not good and felt like it made the overall sound muddy.

Anyway, I have ordered the above mentioned micca speakers for in-ceiling installation, which seem easy enough to install. The only problem is cabling. I have no idea how this can be achieved. The cables need to go from the back of the receiver into wall and than to ceiling. Wall is standard internal gyprock wall without any insulation and ceiling is open where I can crawl into.

Only reason I have not gone up in the ceiling to see if it would be possible to pass the cable from ceiling in to wall is because I first want to make sure which cables to use, as I understand the standard speaker cables are not suitable for in-wall installation for variety of reasons.

I need community's help on getting the right cable for in-wall installation and easy way to get the cable inside of the wall to ceiling, or should I just hire a pro to do the job.


  • They're passive speakers (didn't really check specs but appears to be) so any speaker rated two strand cable will work.

    Check Selby's.

    Termination will depend on your speaker.

    It is unlikely that you can pass a length of cable with directional change without any drilling. Straight up is usually (you could still have a brace) no problem but as soon as you need to go left and right, you have studs/joists.

    It's not hard. Just messy.

    • +1 Selby's

    • Yes they are passive 8ohms speakers and can take banana plugs which I can sort it out.

      The cable needs to go straight up and does not need to go side to side. I think it should be easy enough.

      • Highly recommend picking up one of these to assist.

        You'll look ridiculous walking to the checkout at Bunnings with it but it'll be worth it when forcing that speaker cable down a wall cavity.

      • Easy days then.

        The trickiest part apart from passing through beams is selecting a wall plate for the cable to enter/exit near your amp. Bullnose/connecter plate.

        Also when you're feeding cable, feed an extra builder's line and leave it there. If you want to make changes or addition in the future, attach your new cable and pull the rope through.

        • I already have one conduit in the wall installed by builder to allow wall mounting TV. The lower end closer to the receiver is a good option for me to get the cable out and I think I can get away without the wall plate this way.

  • This stuff from Amazon is as good as you will need. Can very likely get away with thinner stuff too (16 AWG or higher).

    Feeding it through any wooden beams is the challenging bit. Need some sort of fishing cable. This is the cheapest option I have seen. Witnessed many tradies using them, but it doesn’t offer that much control.

    • Perfect! exactly what I was looking for to fish the cable in wall. Thank you for the link.
      Yes, 16awg is more than enough for these cheap speakers.

  • Not going for something fleshy

    Didn't know that was a thing