Kogan 34" WQHD 21:9 Ultrawide 144hz Freesync HDR400 $600 - Thoughts?

Hi everyone,

I'm on the prowl for a high refresh 3840x1440 ultrawide, with most options coming in at $1k+ like the Acer Predator X34p or the LG super expensive one

But then I saw this one

And I saw in Hardware Unboxed review on an older model with lower refresh rate that it was actually very good bang for buck.

Do you guys have any thoughts on this monitor? You've got to agree, if the specs are genuine, this is incredible value



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    Have an older lower refresh model, VA panel, no complaints for the price point. Mostly web browsing, some gaming and watching movies/etc.

    Honestly Kogan sources panels from all over the place so it's more down to the exact panel they use for this model than anything else. Try to figure out which panel it is, and look up reviews for it.

    If this one is an VA panel though, beware there might be ghosting.


      Thanks, yep I agree- It has the risk of being a smeary mess.
      The panel is made by Samsung, which is encouraging as they do VA very well in TV's. Do you know what the return policy is like with Kogan?

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        Have never had to use their returns policy but from all accounts - something better avoided than relied on. And to be fair to them, ghosting on VA panels is a known and unavoidable characteristic of the technology so it wouldn't even count as a defect as such.

        Still - if it's a Samsung panel, it would be better value and cheaper (especially if it's on sale) than basically any equivalent monitor.

        FWIW - mine had noticeable color-shifted ghosting at first, (and still has it) but after a while using it I don't notice it at all.


        Damn 144hz is now Afforable. I bought the older model a few months ago cause i wanted to experience ultra-wide, Oh well no regrets mines flawless otherwise with an ugly white bezel lol and i agree with HighAndDry how you get used to VA, I don't even notice the ghosting anymore.

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    I didn't know there was a VA panel of this size that went above 100Hz. This might be a new panel type, given that it's listed as pre-order?

    1500R seems a bit too curvey. I thought 1800R was the 'standard' and even that was too much for some opinions.


    i've got the samsung equivalent for $700 on special, definitely worth the extra $100 based on my research
    It's ridiculously good, i'm impressed with the quality of it
    34" Samsung LC34H892WJEXXY WQHD VA Curved FreeSync Monitor

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