Is 20cogs possible outside The UK? (if So, Any Referral Codes?)

So I joined topcashback UK recently because they had that WorldRemit promotion (and have a new referral promotion you should check out if you haven't) and was just browsing around. They have a section called Free Cashback, one of which they have placed at the top being a company called 20Cogs. From what I understand you do 20 tasks over a month, some of which require money, and at the very end you can cash out a couple of hundred pounds.
So my first questoin is has anyone here done this?
Second, is it possible to do these tasks if you're not in the UK? Because it'd suck uber hard if I've spent some money on task 14 but task 15 of 20 isn't possible to complete so I can never cashout unless I get some random in the UK to help. Also topcashback noted on the page that this program is monitored for abuse…
My third question is, if so, does anyone want to give me their referral? I mean, I don't need it, as TopCashback is already offering 1.2 pounds plus a link that gives an initial 5 pounds (after the 20 tasks), but if I can help someone else get 20 pounds or whatever that'd be cool with me.

I suppose a final question is does anyone know anything else like this that gives free money with not much effort that IS possible to do in Australia (or in any country really as I'm heading overseas very soon for work..)


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