Looking for Smart Downlights

Preferably those with a plug-in lead. What's the OzB go to brand/model/supplier?

Thinking of either Hue or Brilliant (I already have Hue lights and Brilliant fans/plugs).



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    Would have been much easier if you had done this


    I have the 'Brilliant' downlights. They work extremely well and can be had for a reasonable price.
    Aldi have had them on occasion and I waited till they were on clearance..

    Hue is good, just plain expensive, but great they run off a hub instead of clogging up your wifi network..

    Perhaps even Kmart, as they have smart globes, downlights, motion sensors etc.

    I used to use the Netgear Telstra Wi-Fi 4G Advanced Aircard 782S with a data share sim in it and everything connected seamlessly.
    Since then ive changed to home NBN with a D-Link Viper 2600 DSL-3900 MU-MIMO Gigabit modem/router.
    The issue I have had with some wifi smart products is that they wont auto connect to the 2.4 Ghz band.
    I had to manually disable the 5Ghz band and then it connected as normal.
    Other 2.4Ghz products I have, have not had this issue.

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    as an alternative, you could do what i've done - instead of replacing the lights, replace the switch.
    I have 40+ downlights in my house and even if there was a cheap smart downlight solution, it would've cost a fortune, so i decided to replace the switches instead.

    You can buy smart switches (although matching them to the size of switch-hole you have can be tricky), or you can buy smart switch toggle devices which you wire behind your switch, which is what i did. In AU you need "2-wire" ones instead of "3-wire". I got these.

    Can wire them in yourself (but not technically legal), or get a sparky to do it.

    Does need a fair bit of mucking about to get it all to work well though, so dont take this on unless you're quite technically minded.
    You also need a z-wave hub to control those toggle devices (or whichever protocol is used by the devices you get).


    Thinking of either Hue or Brilliant (I already have Hue lights and Brilliant fans/plugs).

    If you already have the brilliant system, aka tuya platform, these will add the Mirabella devices will add straight into the brilliant app you're using


    Lights range from $15-30,



    You pay more but there's a whole lot more accessories and custom coding. I barely have to provide commands for any of my lights.

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