Dual Sim Data Share for Other Sim?

Hi, not sure if this is possible so want to ask…

I have whatsapp and viber on my Australia sim. I am overaeas and intend to buy a dual sim phone so i can buy a local sim for data, and keep my aussie sim for calls and texts.

Question is if it is possible to share the data on the overseas sim with the local sim so that i can be contactable via whatsapp/viber which are setup with the number for my aussie sim (without having to create a new whatsapp/viber instance on the local sim).

E.g. maybe hotspot 1st sim and 2nd sim connects to it as wifi? Will that require a dual active phone?

Else il have to carry 2 phones and use hotspot that way is only other option i think.


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    Should have no need to do anything like that.

    Whatsapp / Viber will continue to work overseas - just need to have an active data connection on the phone - does not matter which SIM that data connection comes from.

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    whatsapp doesnt care what sim you use, as long as you can receive an sms on your aus number for verification when setting up the account.
    ive been overseas and stuck my aus sim in a different phone, and kept using whatsapp with a new local sim. even reinstalled it, just had to turn on the second phone to get the sms


    Awesome, thanks all!

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    If you are getting a dual sim phone, make sure you select only the local SIM for data service.


    Whatsapp will give you the option to keep existing number or change to new number when you put in a new sim. Just make sure you select to keep your existing number.

    I'm not sure if Viber gives you the choice but I'm sure you can use your existing number with a new sim without any issue.

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