Video Baby Monitor

Our baby monitor just broke :-(

Any deals on an ok video baby monitor please



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    Anything that is labelled 'baby', 'wedding', etc is marked up.
    I just use IP camera and it's been fine.

  • +1 vote ? Just need to use your phone or tablet as the monitor :)


    I'm using a Xiaomi Mijia 1080p and it's super clear. It doesn't have the sound notification as my house is super open planned but it's great to have so I can just open it up to see if she's awake when I need to do some chores. Should be able to get for around $40-50


    Some kmart stores still have TP Link cameras, example: DCS-8300LH on clearance, $20 to $25 if you can find them. Plus they now have there own Anko branded cameras