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[Android] Free: Fedilab - Multifunctional Android Client to Access The Distributed Fediverse @ Google Play (Was $3.99)


This looks like a decent app to access the Fediverse (an opensource collection of social media websites).

The Fediverse is essentially a collection of distributed servers which are all able to connect and communicate with each other. People can run their own 'Twitter' server, that is fully controlled by them, from styling to privacy rules, and choose how it interacts with other global communities (or not).

This may be the first time you have heard of many of these, but communities are growing pretty quickly, and being opensource, the platforms are maturing extremely well.

If you want to get your toe wet…

Masterdon is akin to twitter
Pleroma_is twitter lite
Peertube is akin to Youtube
GNUSocial is akin to Google+
Fredica is akin to Facebook
Pixedfed is akin to Instagram

*This is a little cruel to all involved. The fediverse versions offer numerous additional functional benefits and has several shortcomings to their big name counterparts… But hopefully it gets you interested in checking it out

The app is fully open source, so you are welcome to inspect the code here:

And you could always download it directly from f-droid if you like:

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    Fedilab is always free at F-Droid.

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    Thanks for sharing. Didn't realise these 'host your own social networks' opensource projects even existed. Learned something new.

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    The fediverse


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    I've been running my own pleroma instance on a raspberry pi for about a year. The fediverse is generally filled with very open minded techie people. If you're looking for a socially niche subgroup, you'll find them there. The freedom of speech is rampant. There are quite a number of mainstream mostly tech news services getting onto the fediverse also, mainly on mastodon.

    There's also an instagram alternative in the fediverse called pixelfed.