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Fitbit Charge 3 $96.03 Delivered @ Amazon AU ($91.23 Officeworks Price Beat)


Another day, another deal for the Fitbit Charge 3.

Available in both Graphite Black and Rose Gold

Amazon is matching this deal but you can price match at Officeworks for a further 5% off.

I tried this deal but my local TGG does not have stocks.

Enjoy :)

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      Estimated Oxygen Variation graph would be quite useful for sports & exercise use. When they are available to us.
      (Have VOmax & exercise stress test next week. The figures & interpretation should be interesting. Part of a research study into exercise.)

      Oximetry study to determine Oxygen levels in blood, is often used before an investigation into Sleep Apnea. Some Drs may have the device that clips on finger to take home. Available cheap to buy online.

      Unless there is a large variation of SA over time, a 1 night observation is usually all that is needed. So 24/7 is overkill for SA observation.

      And considering I was misdiagnosed with severe Sleep Apnea after wired up for overnight sleep study (test showed I stopped breathing hundreds of times a night), interpreted by experts…

      the interpretation of data from a band would be far less accurate & only covers 1 of many variables. Probably would only indicate worth investigation - by a sleep study.

      Recent full overnight study cleared me of any Sleep Apnea. Overnight Oximetry study before changing a medication showed no issue either.

      Was likely due to side effect of a medication. Stopped med & symptoms of SA disappeared. But had lost driver's license (by law in Qld) & had sold car I could not drive. Cost me a lot for unnecessary treatment.

      So be cautious in interpreting any data & findings. Even experts can get it wrong!

      If you exhibit symptoms of Sleep Apnea - discuss with your GP. It can be life threatening!
      An overnight Oximetry study is often the first step.


      this doesnt really work for everyone, I have one that works and one that does not. so YMMV


    Is it worth the upgrade from a charge 2


    I have the xiaomi miband 3..is this much different?


    ShopBack is doing 8.0% cash back so I reckoned buying through amazon works out cheaper.


      Can anyone confirm it tracks at 8.0%? Depending on the link I click, the product comes under Sports, Fitness & Outdoors (8.0%) or Electronics (3.5%)


    Thanks OP, bit the bullet and bought one for missus and another for mine.

    Not sure why this is expired as the deal is still on.

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