Kogan TV - know before you buy

I bought a KOGAN ZU9010 4K LED SMARTERTV™ just when they came out. A few months ago the remote control got irreparably broken (don't ask) so I contacted Kogan to buy a replacement.

Unfortunately, Kogan doesn't have a replacement remote control for this model, nor can they give me details so I can program an IR blaster. I've tried dozens of different IR blaster configurations, all to no avail.

TL;DR - if you buy a Kogan branded TV you may end up with an effectively bricked device if the remote control is lost or broken.

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    i just did a quick google, and there is an app on the play store called remote for kogan. this may help

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    Ill make sure not to damage my remote.TY.

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    Kogan KALED58ZU9010SKA
    All Harmony products can control this device
    This device is supported.


    • Thank you. I will be purchasing this tomorrow.

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      Next time I'll make sure that my flatmate doesn't accidentally put it in the washing machine when I am not home. Thanks for nothing.

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        Hahahaha, sorry, guess the PSA should be to… I've no idea actually. Not give dumb as rocks flatmates access to your stuff. I've lived with flatmates. Still zero broken remotes. Dunno what to tell you mate, just tough bloody break.

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    Kogan TVs break super easy - someone will have a spare remote ;)

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      Only because it was impossible to return for warranty claim.

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