Receiving a Local Australian SIM for an International Tourist

I'm helping out a fellow Ingress team mate whose an international tourist. He comes into Melbourne Tullamarine Airport on the Tuesday 4th of February travelling to a local AirBnB. He's travelling on the east coast of Australia and staying in national park out near Mackay so needs Telstra coverage.

What's the best way to get a local Australian SIM, specifically $30 Pre-Paid SIM Kit with 20GB from Telstra for $15or $40 Prepaid SIM-Only Mobile Phone Plan with 45GB - Boost Mobile for $20to him when he arrives as soon as possible, in the cheapest, most convenient way?

One solution I note there's an Australia Post free locker service at Melbourne Airport - australia free post locker mrkvourne airport - Google Search. The collection window though is only 48 hours but 24 hours availability. I've asked this question there but thought I'd ask here as well.

  1. Will any Australian telecommunication company, specifically Telstra or Boost, deliver to free Australia Post Locker Parcel?
  2. Will 48 hours collection window be enough? I guess that's what travel insurance delay is for?
  3. Is it easy for an international tourist to find this locker? He types good English?
  4. Can an international tourist or non Australian resident use free locker parcels?

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    Where are they staying in Melbourne. Have it delivered to the hotel?

    You would be crazy to rely on Australia Post to deliver it to any timeframe. It may arrive days after your friend has arrived.

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    put it in an envelope and write his name on it, then Hand it in as lost property .

    He can then find it when he arrives

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    He can”t buy a SIM at the airport because …?

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    I see a number of problems with this plan.

    First, if I recall correctly, Telstra will only deliver SIM cards to residential addresses, not PO Boxes or Parcel Lockers.

    I suspect, although can't confirm, that Boost would be the same. Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong.

    Secondly, your friend won't have an Australian driver's licence, so a Passport will be necessary for identification verification. Often online activation processes require a MDL, passport validation often requires manual intervention. Not sure if Telstra or Boost let you do this yourself.

    Thirdly, as you identify, there's too many variables with shipping and Parcel Lockers. Aside from delivery windows, if the Parcel Lockers are all full, it will be diverted to a post office. If the post office is open when they land, they'll need to supply ID verifying their non-existent Australian residential address. On that point, they won't be eligible to use the Parcel Locker service without a home address - you'd have to give them your Parcel Locker details.

    I had a similar conundrum travelling to the States. In the end, I decided against shipping to a local address and just went into a AT&T store upon arrival. I think your friend should do the same. Go to a store at the airport. That way they're guaranteed they'll walk out of the store with a working phone. They might not get the best deal, but who cares, it's only for temporary use.

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    Just get one at the airport, there's no need for all this hassle. There's a stall for each operator and they always have visitor offers (Optus is always 50% 30-day sim).


    It would be most likely sent as a letter and i don't believe parcel lockers accept letters. if it is a letter size, it gets rerouted to the nearest P.O.

    Might have changed, but i recall telstra uses Startrack (not that it makes a difference to parcel lockers as they accept them).


      if it is a letter size, it gets rerouted to the nearest P.O

      Or the mailing address on file, which adds a few days' delay

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    You could tell him to pick up the sim card from any supermarket, newsagent, convenience store, or airport stand, where they have many fine deals on offer.

    If he really can't activate a sim on his own, just get him to send you a picture of the sim card from a cafe and you can set it up remotely.