[NSW] Anyone here live in Meadowbank, Rhodes, West Ryde, or Ermington areas? Opinions on the areas wanted please.

Hi guys, we're looking into moving into one of the above areas in the near-ish future. The move is mainly based around affordability and convenience for commuting etc. We've been visiting these areas on the weekends to suss them out a little but I thought I'd garner any opinions the fine folks of OzB may have on these areas, particularly if you're living there now, or have recently.

We're in our 30's so we're looking for somewhere suitable to potentially start a family, but with opportunity for social activities as well.

Anyway, I'd love to hear any experiences you guys may have to share!

Edit - I should add, please comment on the area's night time environment (as in up til circa 10pm) if you can. We'd like to feel safe coming home after a dinner etc in the darker winter months.


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    Five dock is nicer and closer to the CBD. It’s perfect for Gen y.


      Yep, Five Dock is nice, albeit a little pricier.. Also, it will have a metro stop in soon enough, which is a plus, but as it is now Five Dock only has PT via the buses.. We like Meadowbank and Rhodes for the access they have to all 3 transit systems - bus, ferry, train.


      Yeah, anyone can think of better suburbs. You're not answering the question. You trying to prop up your own property in five dock? haha

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    Meadowbank, Rhodes and West Ryde are great options with public transport. Buses and Train of you choice.

    Ermington, not so much as you have to rely on Victoria Road. Ermington and Dundas Valley area has more public housing from back in the day but is slowly releasing their property to investors. So you'll expect to see a lot of construction.

    Rhodes driving around is ok. I think the traffic is quite heavy in peak hour, as you really only have 2 to 3 options to enter/exit. Depending on where you are in Meadowbank you'll experience the same thing since the train line splits it in half.

    West Ryde is probably most flexible, you're also close to Eastwood for cheaper groceries. But the station and streets surround is a bit dark for my liking.


      Thanks heaps for this info, much appreciated!
      You touch on a great point here - the night time environment. I'd like an area to be relatively safe at night as I'd hate for anything to happen to my wife whilst heading home after a long day in the darker winter months.. Correct me if I'm wrong here but Rhodes is probably a good place for night time environment, given the amount of retail and commercial spaces within the precinct.

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      Agree with West Ryde. You also access to Coles and Woolies. West Ryde PS and Marsden HS aren't too far apart if you're going to have kids in the future and not thinking about OC/selective. Plenty nice parks nearby like Meadowbank Park, Anzac Park and Lions Park.

      There's plenty of family friendly social activities hosted by Ryde Council. They have cinema in the park, wine festivals, holiday concerts and stall etc. The largest one is Granny Smith Festival which is held in Eastwood yearly in October.

      Eastwood, West Ryde and Meadowbank stations are best for community during peak hour as there's additional services to the city.

      Parking is a bit of a struggle in Meadowbank and Rhodes with the new apartments but council has added plenty of bike paths.

      Meadowbank, Rhodes and West Ryde are very safe areas to live in.


        Thanks for your reply! Nice to hear about the community activities etc. We like farmer's markets and things like that, any of that happen that you're aware of?

        I've been to the big Coles at West Ryde, its a decent little retail precinct in there!


          You're welcome! Flemington/Paddy's markets aren't too far away from West Ryde/Meadowbank/Rhodes since it's just down the A3. It's about a 10-15 minute drive. They have farmers markets every Saturday I think.

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    We've been living in West Ryde for the past 8 years. We were in the same boat as you when we moved there, in our 30's and looking to start a family. Happy with our decision. Commuting to work was easy (trains and buses) and very close to amenities.


      Good to hear, thank you!
      Are you close to Victoria Road and the retail precinct? And how do you find the area at night time?


        Yup. quite close to the retail precinct, less than 10 mins walk. I never have any issue walking back from the station to our place at night time. I guess it's the same with any other suburbs that you need be vigilant but always feel safe walking back at night. Same goes for my wife.


          Absolutely. No suburb is totally safe, but the urban design can have an affect on where dodgy folks might concentrate..
          Anyway, appreciate the reply!


    looking for apartment or house?

    if apartment.. wentworth point is another area with this vicinity


      Either, depending on the area of course. If we're in Rhodes its likely an apartment, but a house is a possibility in Ermington or West Ryde.

      WW Point is nice from what we've seen, but has different PT options; would ideally be near the footbridge connecting to Rhodes (train), or near the ferry wharf (ferry).


        there is a shuttle that runs from WW point to Rhodes station


          Ah, good to know! Thank you!


    They are fine but don't bother driving around there. Good for commuting and plenty of eateries etc


    Rhodes, West Ryde and Meadowbank (Ryde), been there. Commute to public transport is important - near water is about 10-15 mins walk to the station so be wary of it. Weekend traffic in those area is nothing compared to weekday traffic , half insane during peak hours where +/- from the bridge may take 30 mins on bad days. Avoid any bus during peak - opt out for the train.


      So the trains through there are not so great? Or do you mean the train is better than bus during peak?

      Weekend traffic anywhere near the entire length of Victoria Rd is a nightmare on weekends… This much we're well aware of..


        It's chockers during peak hour on the Victoria Rd and the A3. Trains are much quicker than buses.

        Victoria Rd is actually relatively empty on the weekends. The lights at Victoria Rd cnr Shaftsbury Rd and Station St is the main choke point but then the rest is fine.