Speakers + AMP for new TV

Hi guys,

Where is a good place to start for info on speakers and amp combos for TV’s?

I’ve recently bought a 55” Panny OLED with Dolly Atomos and want to potentially take advantage of this with a good 2.1 setup or greater (as cheaply as possible).

I’ve been getting a bit lost looking through reddit and the like so would appreciate any resources or speaker/amp combos that the community may be using.


  • Currently run an NAD Stereo Amplifier and a set of B&W 685's - Does the job

    Something similar would be good with room for upgrade down the line

    Maybe add a budget to your post as well.

  • a good 2.1 setup or greater (as cheaply as possible).

    Good and Cheap never go together!… Also the most expensive is usually not the best…

  • It might be better going to an audio store/specialist and giving them your requirements, room details, budget etc.

    Getting a good sound setup can be a bit tricky, particularly if you're operating within a budget as at that point you start trading off features.

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    FYI: You're not really "taking advantage" of Atmos until you hit 7.1 (5 surround, 2 height, 1 subwoofer).

    For ease of use, I'd suggest something with an HDMI (ARC) connection. But for absolute cheapest, you can get stereo amplifier modules from China for a few bucks.

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    What is your budget?