Freud Box Joint Cutter Set, $114.83 Delivered @ Amazon AU


One for those of us who like making sawdust…. or boxes anyway.
You need a suitable table saw for this (eg Triton won't work, but DeWalt apparently does)

  • Freud's Box Joint Cutter Blade set for a table saw makes box joint construction easy with strong and accurate joints (No shims or adjustments needed)
  • Two overlapping 8-inch diameter blades work together to create either ¼” or 3/8” grooves
  • Exclusive Freud TiCo Hi-Density Carbide for clean, flat-bottom grooves
  • Silver I.C.E. Coating reduces heat and drag, enabling the blade to last longer
  • Use on all table saws for cutting grooves to create box joints in softwood or hardwood

I've been waiting for this to come down in price and CamelCamelCamel just showed both the US and Oz Amazon sites have dropped their price. I'm not sure of the delivery charge for the OZ site if you are not Prime, but it might be worth signing up for a month. The exchange rate makes the Oz site better than the US.

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    Freud… box… wood… clean, flat-bottom grooves… hardware…

    I'm pretty proud of my restraint here.

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      Or too many possibilities and you froze

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      You think that's bad. I bought a Freud router bit and it had a mark etched on the side along with the text "Minimum insertion". Ooh er missus!


    I've been looking for something like this for my Bosch Worksite table saw. Where did you find information about the compatability? Thanks!


    Didnt buy this dado stack, bought the oshlun oen for my dewalt saw, just make sure your motor shaft is long enough to accommodate these blades

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