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[VIC] Free Rides to/from Australian Open @ Uber (Melbourne CBD Area Only from 9am - 7pm Everyday)


For this years Australian Open, Uber has partnered with Kia, offering free rides to and from Melbourne Park, all tournament long. The Kia Fan Fleet includes 30 Kia Seltos vehicles that will be cruising around select areas in Melbourne. Unfortunately I can't find further details, so it might be luck of the draw if you can get a free ride to/from the tennis. Look for the "Kia Fan Fleet" option when choosing your uber type in the app if you're in the CBD. It will be available from 9am until 7pm everyday.

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Australian Open
Australian Open

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  • According to this, it's Melbourne CBD pickups only.

    The fleet, comprised of 30 new blue Kia Seltos compact SUVs, will be available to tennis-goers via Uber's app and will offer courtesy trips to Melbourne Park from anywhere in the CBD. To utilise the cars, simply select the 'Fan Fleet' option in the app and wait for your Seltos to show up.

    • Thanks for that, will edit the deal text. Shame it's CBD only. I wonder how strict the boundary they have set is. Would have been handy if they provided a map.

      • Really not sure. I found this last week lol but was hesitant to post it as pulled the link (thus the cached version). Cheers.

      • I know right?

        Can't believe they didn't even offer to include free stadium tickets too and some food for the journey.

  • Are they going to validate if one actually went to Australian open?

    • If you end up in the chaos of Melbourne Park, battling everybody else for one of only 30 Ubers and you weren't even there for the tennis, you've earned that free ride.

  • Works in South Yarra, but couldn't get it to work in Richmond or Hawthorn. Plus wait time was anything from 12mins to 25mins.

  • so if going A to B, just have to make it A to C and C to B (C being australian open) to get free ride?

  • Meanwhile there's a bunch of people waiting for their Seltos to get delivered due to the shipping delays.

  • If you’re in the CBD I’d wager you’ll be better off on a free tram. I’ll try it anyway next week and see if it works out for me.

  • what is best way to the finals? i dont go around City often

    • The courts are only a 12 minute walk from Flinders Street, or a very short tram ride. I wouldn't bother with an Uber.

  • Nice deal but help the environment and go with the tram if you can (free for AO ticket holders)

  • I'm confused. Who is driving these Kias? It cant be actual Uber drivers because they use their own cars.

    • kia employees earning a little extra.

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      Its actually Kia/Tennis Australia and Uber drivers. Had a Kia driver one way and a uber driver way back. They get the car to take home for the 2 weeks. Brand new model.


    This deal was underrated.
    I took advantage of this at lunch time today. The lines were ridiculous for food…so I got an uber from the Aus Open to get something to eat in the city….got an uber fan fleet back.

    $0 and a brand new Kia car with a driver who was loving life. 30 drivers. 10 of them were just chilling out the front waiting for people to use them!