50 Masterpieces You Have to Read before You Die Vol: 1 $1.10 @ Amazon Kindle


Need to look smarter at dinner parties? Or maybe you want to be put to sleep by Jane Austen’s tales.

For $1.10 you can have the following (some which may be free on Kindle already I think):

  • Divine Comedy [Dante Alighieri]
  • Emma [Jane Austen]
  • Persuasion [Jane Austen]
  • Pride and Prejudice [Jane Austen]
  • Father Goriot [Honoré de Balzac]
  • Jane Eyre [Charlotte Brontë]
  • The Tenant of Wildfell Hall [Anne Brontë]
  • Wuthering Heights [Emily Brontë]
  • The Way of All Flesh [Samuel Butler]
  • Don Quixote [Miguel de Cervantes]
  • Heart of Darkness [Joseph Conrad]
  • Nostromo [Joseph Conrad]
  • Moll Flanders [Daniel Defoe]
  • Bleak House [Charles Dickens]
  • Great Expectations [Charles Dickens]
  • The Brothers Karamazov [Fyodor Dostoyevsky]
  • Crime and Punishment [Fyodor Dostoyevsky]
  • The Idiot [Fyodor Dostoyevsky]
  • The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes [Arthur Conan Doyle]
  • The Count of Monte Cristo [Alexandre Dumas]
  • Daniel Deronda [George Eliot]
  • Middlemarch [George Eliot]
  • Madame Bovary [Gustave Flaubert]
  • The Yellow Wallpaper [Charlotte Perkins Gilman]
  • Dead Souls [Nikolai Gogol]
  • Grimm's Fairy Tales [The Brothers Grimm]
  • The Iliad [Homer]
  • The Odyssey [Homer]

And a bunch more.

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  • +3 votes

    Need to look smarter at dinner parties?
    I've never been invited to those type of parties!

  • +9 votes

    Every one of these as far as I can see is available for free on Project Gutenberg http://www.gutenberg.org/wiki/Main_Page

    Looks like this comes as a single 25 000 page volume and reviews say that each book is a chapter, there aren't any chapters within books… have fun with that.


      Oof not even that..

      There is no table of content to access; therefore, you must read the books in consecutive order.

      The suggested workaround seems to be to search for your selected author/title but I guess you could just read until you get there?


    Vol 2 for 0.94 as well

  • +4 votes

    Not a deal, these are free and should be free whatever the format


    Waiting for the Cliffs Notes - I have co-morbidities.


    Started reading Bleak House, it is so slow…
    In fact, most of these books are slow…


      An old Jewish joke+cartoon
      shows a very old yenta donating
      a penny… Her way to live long
      was to Pledge $1,000 to a well-
      known Jewish charity, but pay a
      penny a day to stay alive until
      it's all paid-off… ;-)

      If making a similar commitment,
      eg, to read a set of books (OR,
      better, listen to all the free
      audio books I can find) keeps
      me alive to age 100, it'll be
      worth a token price


        I made it about 2 lines in before completely losing focus. I'm assuming your comment was intended as a humourous recreation of a slow book.

        In which case great work. Now I'm ready for bed, and at my next dinner party I can pretend to have heard the old joke about a jewish lady falling down the stairs or whatever happens next. Hilarious


    Arent most of these usually free?


    Length: 25035 pages

    This'd be way more impressive if it was a physical book instead of a scam

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