Mercedes - Speed Camera POIs - Jan 2020 Update

Hi All,

For those fortunate with high yield investments (Mercs) and want Speed Camera warnings, I've made an update with latest GPX file with Speed camera POIs.
This will go off 10seconds before you reach the camera, with audible alarm.

Original Guide - Follow steps for installation.

GPX file

Source CSV

Guide if you want to create your own

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    Is 10 seconds long enough to slow down from 160km/h?

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    This is great. For those without Mercs, the Waze app does the same thing including mobile speed cameras reported by others.

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    For those fortunate with high yield investments (Mercs) and want Speed Camera warnings

    Waze is better than some shitty Merc GPS.


      Ehh not really. The COMAND system is actually far better than Waze for daily use and seamless integration with car functions. It comes down to what you're used to I suppose, but used it in GLC for years in London and was really good at live traffic and routing as well as the database of POI. Don't have that luxury here yet so using Waze and it's pretty good too but would happily switch back to Merc's system in future.


        I mean Waze does have over 60 million users compared to a small amount of Merc users. Have half a dozen Mercs in the family and no one uses the GPS instead of Google Maps/Waze. It's just a lot more fiddly and limited. The software is decades behind that which you will find in Waze.

        seamless integration with car functions

        All of which are redundant and useless, especially in Sydney. Waze and Google Maps have all that and more live functionality.

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          I guess to each their own. The Waze crowd sourcing updates and live police locations etc is pretty good on Waze but the cartoony graphics are not preferred. I find Merc's system to be much clearer and better at turn notifications. Haven't driven a modern Merc here so maybe it's not as good as in the UK as you say.


    +1 on Waze. It's the great equalizer when it comes to cash machines

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    Or, you could just comply with the speed limits and not bother about warnings, braking, fines, etc.

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