Subaru Impreza Limited Edition pricing

Looking at getting one of the current Impreza 2.0i Limited Edition -

The salesman was going on about little margin in special edition. I like the configuration - don't care for the bigger screen of the L edition, but happy with Eyesight and leather trim.

What is a reasonable price to expect the dealer can do? Would I be better off trying to get some accessorise rather then driving $$ down further?



    Never bother listening to their SOB story. I'd say $27k would be a decent bargain, again depending on stock, time of the year and if the sales guy has met his quota for the month etc.


    Limited edition… makes hardly any difference to resale value so give them same price as normal edition and be prepared to walk. Cars are optional.


      Not too fussed about resale, will probably be a 10 year car and I'm willing to pay up to $3000 a year to have a very nice, reliable and comfortable car to drive around in.

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    leather trim

    Do you want the good news or the bad news?


    For $1k more you could have a 20 plated 2.0i-L. No brainer IMO at those prices. You give up the pleather but get a car that's a whole year newer in the eyes of anyone when you go to sell it down the track.

    Of course they want to clear out the 19 plated cars, they're losing value every day. Offer them $26k and walk if they say no. You won't make it back to your car before they're calling you back and if you they don't move on to the next dealer.


      I'm not certain, but I would think even a 20 plated L would be built in 2019 at this stage. Therefore when I go to sell, it will still be listed as 2019, but MY20.

      Regardless that will be a minor issue in 10yrs.

      As for the leather, I'm aware it is fake, but I still prefer it over cloth. Ready to clean, looks neater in my opinion.


        That's fine, go for the limited one if it's what you prefer then but remember they're asking the same money as the next model up (realistically you'd get $1k off easily) and for what's an older car. There's no harm in pushing for a lower price, the worse they and other dealers can do is say no. You can always up your offer but you can't lower it.

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    Is that the F.U.C.K.S edition?

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    try john cadogan who has a buying service and is independent of the car industry. critical as well. his people may get you a better deal with even a earlier model. see his site.

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      He doesn’t have a buying service. What he has is a buying service for buying services.

      I’ve tried to use his services on two different occasions and both times have been palmed off to 2 different car buying services. And of both those times, I was quoted RRP on both cars and could have done better myself by walking into a dealer and putting down a deposit.


    I bought a 2018 Impreza S hatchback last year demo 6000K's for 26$k just an FYI

    1. So a ring around for the stock and ask for their best price over the phone as you are going to buy a car today.
    2. If they say come down to the dealership and we can give you the price to do the deal. Say you don't have the time.
    3. Once they give you the price that's your rough ball park figure. Know another couple of $k off.
    4. Start going into any dealer at end of month and off the low price. You will buy a car for this price now. If no go with saleperson get them to check with sales manager. If still no deal. Go to the next dealer. Have no attachment to the purchase.
    5. Oh if your after a particular colour of whatever make sure its clear and the features you want. Drive away price is want you want to deal with.
    6. Avoid the Ming Mole. She will only take you for a ride and you wont be satisfied afterwards.

    Good Luck.

    By the way the Subby is a good choice. My parents love them and have had many version since. Dad has a 2019 Imprezza Top spec.

    Having said that when I test drove the first gen version of the current model the INFOtainment screen glitched our and didn't work at all.

    If you haven't already done so test drive the car first. We asked for one overnight to really test if the drive and features worked. We test drove at least 11 cars last time.


    In March 2019 i bought an Impreza MY18 2.0i-S CVT Hatchback with matts and cargo tray for $30,000. The dealer had it in stock.
    Its a great car, the cargo tray is really useful for spills!!!!!!!!!!
    The seats seem like leather and they are great!
    The sunroof and seat warmers are excellent!


    I ended up getting it for $26,290. Traded in a 10yr old Getz.

    Might not be the best deal on paper, but it was an easy sell on my part, for $2000 trade for Getz and it is due for timing belt service + rego so that's another $2000 in my pocket.

    I probably could have done better, but overall I'm happy

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