Best Audio Equipment for Heavy Metal Music

Hi All,

Wanting to gather feedback on the best audio equipment (speakers, headphones, amplifiers etc) for best enjoying heavy metal music. Have been researching forums online and have not found any real quality content. Thanks 🤘


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    The only OzBargain way is to go back to black metal roots; listen to bootleg tapes on a $5 boombox from St Vinny's. Embrace the lo-fi goodness.

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    I'd have thought that really crappy speakers would only enhance the experience or make no perceptible difference at all.


    What is your budget?


    Looking for stereo/2.1 setup or also want surround sound?
    Wanting loud or medium volume?

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    Those amps that go to 11


    Just think about the music for 30 minutes before you listen to it, and only listen to it when you are fully relaxed. Gives you the best value out of the music.
    By spending money on audio equipment, you are just listening to a different mode of the music you already enjoy. Kinda like how your friends stereo or car always sounds better. Your ears adjust to a new audio device after about an hour and its no longer impressive. Enjoy the audio quality you've got.
    I've found that after I turned 30, listening to metal reminded me of the first time I started listening to it in high school, and it sent me back in time. The ultimate listening experience.



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