NSW Car Transfer to VIC (Rego, Insurance, Licence)

I moved my car from Sydney to Melbourne after Christmas. My rego is due for renewal at end of this month, insurance Feb 4. Trying to figure out what’s the best order to do things:

  • I need to eventually swap my licence over from NSW to VIC (got 6 months to do that).
  • I need to renew my rego but with Vic Roads
  • I need to take out a brand new policy with new Vic address.

Do I need to have a Vic licence in order to have a Vic rego?

Is it better to renew rego first and then get the policy, or get the policy in old rego and then change after?

I’m one to pay my full policy up front but given that I’m not sure that I’ll be at this particular address, I’m not sure if it’s beneficial to pay monthly or not / how different areas may affect the premium. We are in Richmond.

Basically, what’s the least cumbersome / time consuming way to do this…?

Sorry for stupid questions. It’s been a while since I’ve had to deal with my car as my dad had taken over it for the past 5 years while I lived overseas.


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    Step 1: thank your dad for being awesome
    Step 2: update ozbargain profile to Melbourne
    Step 3: get a roadworthy certificate for car
    Step 4: register vehicle in Victoria
    Step 5: call insurance company to update address and rego
    Step 6: transfer nsw license to vic


    Is the car already insured? If it is why not just change the address on the policy at the time you change the rego? They probably won't change the premium for the remainder of that policy. You'll have to give them the new number plate details too of course.
    I don't believe you have to change your licence.


      They said because it has been house primarily in nsw for the policy period it’s ok to ride the last few weeks out as is. It has to be a brand new quote and policy for new address they said.


    You can start here and look around.

    You'll find all your answers there.

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    Everything else has basically been answered, except this;

    Do I need to have a Vic licence in order to have a Vic rego?

    When I moved from NSW to Vic many years ago, before they would transfer anything needed to have some proof that I was actually "living" in Victoria, so I had to supply a phone, electricity and/or gas bill with my name on it as well as a tenancy agreement or a letter from my landlord that I was living in that address.

    what’s the least cumbersome / time consuming way to do this…?

    Do it all in the one sitting. Get your rego changed over and your license changed over at the same time. Once that is all done, then ring your insurance company and change over all your details using the new info from Vic roads.

    Transfer Vehicle from Interstate
    Register an Interstate Vehicle
    Transfer an Interstate License
    Evidence of Identity Documents


    Welp. My car will be unregistered for about 7 days as the earliest appt is Feb 5, unless I can drive my ass out to Ballarat… not with the current price of petrol. I didn’t realise I couldn’t walk in or book online because I don’t have Vic licence.

    License appt is over a month away so that isn’t happening at the same time either.

    So this has become both cumbersome and time consuming.

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