S8: Replace My Screen & Battery or Buy a Refurb Grade A?

What's the best use of my $$

I own a 23month old Samsung S8. Dropped my phone and need to replace front/back at a cost of $340 at Samsung store, who will provide me with a new battery.

Should I take this option (option 1) or should I spend roughly the same amount of $$ by buying another S8 refurb phone at Grade A eg. from Phone Bot at $329 (option 2)

Pro's and Con's I can think of for option 1:

Pros of option 1
- The replacement battery might be a lot better than the battery of the refurb phone. Not sure of how aged the processor on my 23-month phone is though,
- I don't need to touch a phone previously used by someone else (germs etc :p) - I keep on using my own germ-y phone.

Cons of option 1 (Pros of option 2)
- If I take option 2, I will have 2 phones (my original cracked s8 will still be useable)

Also, Im open to any comments on what you think the life of my original s8 is. It gets hot sometimes, and the camera sometimes loses focus (the $340 quoted on Samsung website includes work on the camera though - base estimate). Thanks all.

Poll Options

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    Replace the screen/back/camera & battery for $340 @ Samsung on my own 23-month s8 phone
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    Buy a refurb Grade A S8 (eg. phone bot) for $329


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    The replacement battery might be a lot better than the battery of the refurb phone

    The refreb phone will have a 'old' battery, and may have been repaired with non samsung parts to bring it up to grade A, aka 'new' screen etc.

    So while spending more, at least you know you'll get a real samsung screen and battery.

    The 3rd option is look at a A30 or A50 phone instead, couple of dollars extra, but brand new phone and about similar specs to the S8.

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    I was quoted about $250 just to replace the front glass on my s8+, bought a new phone instead

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    Flog it off on ebay for parts only $100.

    Put that towards a brand new phone with warranty.


    Buy a new phone not a 3 year old S8. Theres plenty of Chinese brands that are far better for $300ish