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I was trawling for an airfare (MEL-LHR return) for a 4 month holiday and one site offered me travel insurance as an add on to the airfare for a mere A$67!

It looked fairly good conditions too (seems to have no excess which I find hard to believe):

The site was

I'd got myself an ANZ Premium credit card which has insurance and costs A$87 per year, but this seems better. Long list of excluded sports including zorbing and hydrozorbing!!


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    Tell us how great it is when/if you need to make a claim


    review site seems not too bad. I wont use it as the card covers me. A typical quote from other companies starts at A$250.


    …travel insurance as an add on to the airfare for a mere A$67!

    Cheap insurance is usually cheap for a reason. Read the conditions and exclusions carefully so there are no surprises.

    This particular one you've linked seems to be medical only. Doesn't cover anything related to property or travel delays etc. that you would normally get with a normal travel insurance policy.


      Yes, you're right. It is only medical/dental. May suit some people though.


        Great Britain has a reciprocal health care agreement with Australia so if you’re an Australian citizen then you’re medical expenses would be covered by medicare (or the british nhs). Travel insurance still good to have though.


          Yes and only going to the UK as a gateway to Europe. I find the UK (particularly England) a bit of a dump.


    pretty sure one of my old cards covered skiing in their travel insurance. would have been bankwest or westpac black most likely.
    $67 seems cheap though, even if it's just medical. You can always find an inexpensive place to stay in a pinch, but you never know how much a hospital trip will cost

    Also, now you have two insurance policies. Double cover


    Zorbing is rolling around inside a blow up plastic ball!

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