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[Switch] Up to 67% off Nicalis Game Sale (E.g. Cave Story+ $13.50, Was $39.99) @ Nintendo eShop


I've provided a link to the DekuDeals Page as it has eshop links to each title rather than individually copying and pasting each link here.

All time low prices (for Switch) for the following titles:

Cave Story + - $13.50
Crystal Crisis - $15.00
RemiLore - $30.00
Redout - $30.00
Umihara Kawase Fresh! - $30.00

Matches previous low:

Binding of Isaac - $30.00
VVVVVV - $7.50
Tiny Barbarian DX - $15.00
Code of Princess EX - $30.00
Blade Strangers - $30.00

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    Thanks. Time to get redout.

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    I must resist the urge to buy Cave Story for the 5th time. The 3DS versions are portable enough, right? RIGHT!?

    What's this? The Switch version has an exclusive Co-op mode?



    So the purchase needs to be done on the console? Can't I buy it through a PC?

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      This has been answered in most of these eShop posts, but one more time

      Yes, you can purchase through your browser by following the link given that you have signed into your Nintendo Account.

      You will not be able to link a Nintendo account to purchase games through your browser unless you have already set one up on a Nintendo Switch console.

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