Cheapest Way to Access Cash in Italy/France/Holland

Planning a trip to these countries in a few months, and trying to figure out how to access cash as required in these countries. I'm a bit wary about carrying large amounts of cash around, and given that we're on holidays for 5 weeks I don't want to be carrying 5 weeks of spending money around.

Right now, collectively my partner and I are banking with CBA, Westpac, NAB, ING and Latitude (28 degrees).

ING allows for free ATM withdrawals but I'm guessing the rates aren't as competitive as Latitude, but Latitude will charge 3% or something for the cash advancement.

Or it is possible to deposit money into the 28-degree card so withdrawals aren't actually a cash advancement?

Or does anyone have suggestions on the cheapest possible way to access cash in europe?


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    ING will use Visa exchange rates when you withdraw from an ATM overseas. Visa and MasterCard rates are usually pretty close to the actual exchange rate, and are published daily on their sites.

    E.g., for a transaction 21/1
    Visa - 1 Euro = 1.616338 AUD
    MCard - 1 EUR = 1.619652 AUD
    Vs actual of 1 EUR = 1.6192 AUD

    Remember to select "credit" when withdrawing from an overseas ATM, not savings.

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    best travel cards were Citi Bank Plus and ING

    think ING is also little bit better as ATM fees get rebated too.

    someone can correct me if im wrong

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    Sorry to be annoying. Can’t you check the rates on their websites? Can’t you check if you can put money on the Latitude by reading their website/fiddling with it? The cheapest possible way is to steal money. ING has no transaction fees or atm fees, how could there possibly be cheaper than that?


    You can't get better than the ING card at an ATM in this situation.

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    Ing debit card

    Side note holland is not a country

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    Thanks for all the replies guys.

    Looks like ING is the way to go. Should be easy.

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    28 degrees stopped allowing us to deposit cash and withdraw it fee free years ago.
    This topic has been covered a hundred times.
    You can search for previous posts or read the wiki page


    I continue to use Citibank and my Citibank plus transaction account.
    Finding no fee ATMs is always a task before heading overseas because arrangements between banks change.

    (Off topic example : Citibank now has a deal with cardtronic (so in the USA you can make fee free withdraws via Citibank-plus from cardtronic atms found in Nordstrom’s and Target stores)). [The receipt shows the fee, but the fee is not charged].

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    I used a Macquarie Bank debit card for ATM withdrawals and direct purchases in Italy a couple of months ago. No international transaction fees and wasn't charged any ATM fees. Beware card skimming in Italy. I'd suggest you change your PIN as soon as you get home. My card details were used for ATM withdrawals in India a month after I arrived home.


    I used an NAB Travel card (a mastercard) attached to our login but not drawing directly from our account. Can transfer in about 10 currencies via the app. And from one currency to another.

    Good for sticking to the budget. And you you get a second card to stash if the main is stolen.

    Some hassles in that it has no name on the card (ie annoys merchants who want to see your ID. And you cant pay wave so pin every time.


    ING for cash and 28 Degs for EFTPOS ect. Couldn't be simpler. I'm literally going to over seas with this combo for the 5th time and costs bugger all


      Yep, this is what I'll be doing, I think.

      Previously have just been taking cash with me, but have only been to Asia, and it's a whole different kettle of fish I think.

      Plus never needed to use cash too much in Asia, given how cheap everything is…


    HSBC global currency account is another option. Also Xinja bank.


      Sorry, not really looking to open up new bank accounts unless it offers a huge saving, and from the first poster's numbers I doubt I can save much more than with ING + 28 degrees.

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    You should be able to just tap and go with your card through a lot of Europe. No need for cash.


      Cash is king.

      And a good fallback, always carry some cash with you everywhere.


    Having lived in Europe and travelled extensively for the last 2-3 years, use your 28 degrees cc for purchases and use your Citibank card with money for atm. In Those countries listed, you should have no issues finding an atm fee free. Just avoid the ones that say euronet. Those atm read where the cards home is and charges fees accordingly. The Citibank gives u pretty much the up to date xe rate. Any questions feel free to ask.

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