Animal Crossing: New Horizons

I’ve never played an Animal Crossing game before but the new version coming out in March has me intrigued. The hype seems to be very positive and Animal Crossing games seem to have a big following. I’m curious to hear what makes it so good (or not) in people’s opinions. Is its gameplay comparable to any other popular games out there?


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    Try the mobile game, its more time gated and restrictive but I think there is enough similarity to see if you would hate it. That said, I like the main games but not the mobile version as it didn't hold my attention (99% sure its because of the monetisation aspect).


      I've been playing the mobile game (for this very reason) and got bored because of the time-gate side of things. Basically I could do a few things, then that was it until I had to wait. I also found the interface to be a tad cluttered and felt overly zoomed in on a small mobile device.

      Without the monetisation side of things in the console games, how does its gameplay differ?

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        The game is less time intensive and doesn’t require you to check in every minute or hour of the day. Bugs and fish have different times of appearing, stores close - usually day or night and there is no real time limit to the amount of actions. However you usually run into a routine of how you play the game considering it’s based on real time. At a certain playtime you will feel that there’s nothing to do and need to wait for tomorrow. I think that’s part of appeal and for others may be a negative. There’s also the multiplayer aspect that can definitely extend playtime. I feel the main games let you play the collectible game at your own pace whereas the mobile game forced you into a game of stopwatch monitoring.

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    Stardew valley

    Animal crossing games are more kick back and do whatever wile stardew has goals and times to do things by


      On that note check out My Time in Portia as well.


      Asking for friend of course… So if one is (figuratively speaking) on their about tenth run through of Stardew Valley with an embarrassing amount of time logged, would one enjoy this game or should 'my friend' stick with Stardew?