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[WA] 2 × Vita Brits 1kg $5.00 @ Spudshed


I’ll give these a go instead of Weety boi’s this time around.

Spotted at Bentley, WA. New store layout absolutely sucks, by the way. I come to buy food not do a maze.

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Spudshed Fresh Food Market
Spudshed Fresh Food Market



    I tried these once and they were disgusting.

    Back to Aldi ones, so much better!

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      Probably due to the lack of sugar, these are just wheat. I find them perfectly palatable with sliced banana!


        Processed grain is just unhealthy.

        Why eat something that needs to be made "palateable" instead of something healthy like eggs, banana or bacon.

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          I agree completely, processed carbs and carbs with no nutritional value are just plain unheathly. Personally haven't had these or toast for breakfast for over a year.

          Although the nitrates in bacon would probably be worse.

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          Bacon, healthy.. Don’t we all wish


    You made the right choice, vita Brits >> weetbix