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Free Organised Sport (e.g. Basketball) via JustPlay


Hey guys, so you can fill spots on organised sports teams via the OneGame app: iOS & Android.

It is also called JustPlay (app is called OneGame)


You will need to download the app and create an account.

Typically it costs ~$17 for basketball, but with the code it's free.

Code is obviously generic. Said it ends at midnight, but it is passed midnight here in Melbourne anyway.

You can book any game that is visible, not just today/tomorrow.

Good luck and please show up if you book a spot.

Also, some stadiums charge an additional fee circa $2.50, but it will identify this when looking at the game before you book.

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    Thanks, booked a game will see how it goes!

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    This app would be great if it didn't cost double what it's supposed to cost to play a weekly game of basketball.


      Yeah agreed. I wasn't keen to pay $19.50, but then got a message with the code.

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        They want $200 for a 10 game season of basketball from me. And then I probably have to pay $2.50 to enter the stadium. too expensive but I'd love to join a basketball team but not for $20 for a 40 minute game.

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