Which Waterproof Phone?


I am looking for a new phone, ideally one that waterproof(IP68). I have came across a few and I am wanting to know your opinions on what I should get. I feel they all look the same spec wise after looking at more than 3 so I thought I'd ask others what they think.

Note 9 under $600
Samsung S9+ $550
LG G8 $550
LG V40 $600
HTC U12+ $750
LG V30 from JB $450
Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium $550(from Aliexpress so delivery after Feb)

The two I quite like are the Sony and HTC, but I am not sure if the HTC is worth the extra and the Sony is all the way in China and will take a while to get here.
The others I have listed are ebay local prices so not too long of a wait time.

Is there anyway I can save cash by buying gift cards or are those deals now all finished? I was trying to find my CGU insurance card thingy to see if they gave cash back on eBay or Catch, any one know if they do?



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    lil wayne suggests samsung


    Note 9 under $600

    This one if you can get it for that price.


      Yeah they are on AliExpress for that price which seems way too cheap doesn't it? That is the single SIM version that could be why? I'd prefer two sims.
      New as well not reconditioned.
      Seems they are the US versions so not sure if they are good for the rest of the world in terms of what they can connect to.

      Otherwise the global dual Sim version from Ali is $800

      What about the note 8? Is that getting a bit too old now?

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    Remember, no phone is waterproof. It's only water resistant. My vote is LG V40. Wait for it to get below $500.


    Or just buy any phone and find a water proof pouch to pit it in.

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    whats the reason you want a "water-proof" phone for? this could also affect the choice.


      I've just gotten them too wet before by mistake and I figured it'd be a good idea to get a phone that is wet proof.

      Would be cool to answer the phone in the shower! (that's not how I've wet my phone in past lol).


        Capacitive touch screens mean even if a phone is water proof, you'll have a hell of a time using it when wet - capacitive means it registers presses and gestures because your fingers conduct electricity slightly and the screen senses where that happens, add water and it doesn't work so well.

        Any other aspects of the phone you care about?


          I also would like to keep the phone for a long while and try to care for it instead of treating it poorly so I'd rather something with decent specs to last me.

          As for actually using it in the wet it that doesn't bother me. I just want it water proof. I'll get a decent case that is waterproof as I understand when that a waterproof phone is probably only water resistant.

          The HTC seems alright and has nice features it's just a tad expensive for me but it is in Australia so at least I'd get it sooner than later but I'm not sure if it's actually worth the money other than it is interesting, has good GPS and comes with some nice headphones/sound.


    Whatever you buy check their warranty of water damage. Just because they quote (IP68) doesn’t mean they guarantee against water damage.


    Any eBay coupons I can use or gift card discounts?

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