Muddy Water from Rainwater Tank

Is anyone experiencing muddy waters in their toilets from rainwater tanks?

I'm based in Melbourne and we had relatively dusty rain yesterday and since then my toilet water has gone pretty muddy after every flush.

I understand that it's recyclable water and
I can't expect it to be clear, but usually it's a light clear grey water which is annoying because I'm having to clean the toilets every couple of days to prevent water stains (not even sure if that's normal to have greyish coloured water).

I just wanted to see if anyone is experiencing the same issue as me? If so, do you plan on emptying your tank out and giving it a good clean or is it just me that's having this issue?


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    Rain water needs to pass through the atmosphere and your roof / gutter before entering the tank, which can all cause contamination.

    Consider adding a sediment filter between the tank and the house.

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    Was on the TV news yesterday. it's been happening everywhere and not much can be done about it besides cleaning your tank out.

    For future occurrences consider installing a first flush diverter. Bunnings, as well as other hardware stores, sell them.

    • Thanks, off to bunnings I go.

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    The air was so bad yesterday that it rained mud. Don't remember seeing that before.

    The sediments will settle to the bottom of your rainwater tank. Don't worry about it.

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      I was jogging at the time. It looked like the streets were filled with chocolate milk

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        leans away from the mic to breathe in

        I think you meant Chocolate Rain

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    I have the same problem it’s better today as the sediment should is starting to settle to the bottom of the tank

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    You mean muddy. Muggy means humid (or lots of large teacups, I suppose).

    • Thanks corrected :)

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    if its really bothering you maybe look at adding something to help the mud settle.. some alum maybe?

    • WOW! I need this.

    • Hi,do you know where to buy the alum?

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    To help the sediment settle, use a big box of Epsom Salts per 5000 gallon tank

    • alum is cheaper

      • How much to make a 5000 gallon tank settle?

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    just let it settle. It will take a day

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