What The Name of This automotive Connector ?


i m looking after this type of connectors, what is the exact name for it?? . It s a square female connector for car radio.

Thanks everyone !




    Wow. I play with these almost every day, and you think I can think of what they are called? I have never bought them seperatly, as they always seem to come with the plug as part of a kit.

    I would just call it a terminal plug socket connector thingy… But you might have better luck finding what it is for if you look on the TE Connectivity product website

    I can say though, they do not look like "DEUTSCH" pins. Possibly "AMPSEAL" by the look of the website


      thanks !
      i need to buy only few to connect my radio (may be 15). i have the old one , but i can not take off the wire from them…
      do you think AUTOBARN or SUPERCHEAP AUTO do have some ?

      I already checked their website but without the exact name, it s hard to find !


        I don't think so. You may have to try a specialist electronics place that sells automotive type weatherproof plugs. Take your sample down to them and they will know what will and wont work. Try some places like RS Components or Jaycar.

        Even your local auto electrician would be working with these plugs all the time, so they may have what you are looking for.

        And just a tip/hint, you really need the correct crimpers for these types of terminal ends.

        PS: if it's for your radio, the part number you supplied is a round pin, where radios typically have a flat pin. That's why it's best to take down a sample of what you need.


          excellent, i think i will go to Jaycar, as there is one few minutes away from my place.

          tks again

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    They are female terminals and come in a range of sizes depending on the housing you put them in. The one you linked is for TE Connectivity's AMPSEAL range. If you have one that you are looking to replace you would have to take some measurements and search for that.
    Also if you only have a few to do you can get away with just using some needle nose pliers and crimping them manually. Its painful but cheaper than buying the right crimping tool.


    if its for the radio look up the aerpro website and put your car details in.


    what car is it for? do you need a new one that has not been crimped or can you use a used one and solder onto the wire?


    break light connector? Search that manufacture number in aliexpress or taobao



    Usually comes with a plastic receptacle plug or socket

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