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[NSW] 50% off Store Wide @ adidas Factory Outlet [Birkenhead Point]


Birkenhead point is doing 50% off store wide. Most likely nationwide.

Ultraboost 19 $91, ultraboost 4.0 $84, continental 80 $52.50, etc

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    Ultraboost for 84.

    Amazing deal

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    lawn bowling shoes sorted

  • Any chance they had the red and blue stripe Continentals?

    • Yes I saw them

  • Confirmed 50% in VIC as well. Just picked up Ultraboost 19 White for $91!!

    • Dfo ?

      • Yep dfo

        • south wharf?

          • @Dumb Dog: Moorabbin but not much stock left when I was there around 5pm today

    • That's a ridiculous price

      • Perhaps the original price is the ridiculous price.

  • I'm such a (profanity) idiot. Got excited about the Rebel 20% off sale and bought the UB20's.

    I'll still go in and have a look. If I can get some 19's for 90 bucks I'll be all over that

  • sale on at dfo Essendon got some ultra boost 19 for 90

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    Watertown Perth has 50% off "storewide" but ultraboosts excluded

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    any thing at moorabbin dfo?

  • What colors

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      Was in Birkenhead Point earlier, they had these ones: https://imgur.com/a/wwDXDEt
      Limited sizes, manage to grab the only pair of size 9s in any colour. Although they had plenty of other sizes in some.

  • Anyone know if this is at Harbour Town Adelaide?

    • I'm assuming it is. Going to head up there tomorrow and see how it goes.

      • Hey mate, let me know how you go. I'll be visiting Adelaide and I'm interested too :)

        • +1

          Hey mate, can confirm it's in Adelaide too.

          Edit: Ultraboost not included in sale though so kind of pointless now

          • @MegaBob: Yup. Spoke to the dude there and he was shocked that other stores were including the ultraboosts. Picked up some nice cloudfoams for $55 though.

          • @MegaBob: Thanks for the report. You saved me a trip there which is really useful when I've only got the long weekend in town.

            Edit: How much were the UBs there anyway?

            • @Hogg: No worries, I was pretty frustrated when I got there because that's the sole reason I went down that way.

              The UBs they had there were $180. I did ask why the store didn't have 50% off the shoes when the other stores did and they didn't really have anything to tell me.

              • @MegaBob: I can imagine. I would have been annoyed too if I went all that way so you definitely saved me time if that helps haha.

                Seems like I'll have to hold off for another sale that goes up on Ozbargain . Should be able to get them at least $130.

  • When does it end?

  • Does anyone know if they have UB 4.0 "Show Your Stripes" in core black and carbon white by any chance? Or UB 4.0 Orca?

    • -1

      Yeh just picked up a pair. Came with free admission to sea world USA

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    How about Lidcombe?

    • Any update on Lidcombe? Curious to see if any good styles and sizes left haha

      • +3

        They are doing the 50% off at Lidcombe adidas outlet, I got triple white UB19 for $91, but the only other size left was US11.
        Still, plenty of other colourways, and NMDs and continental 80s.

        • Sweet as, thanks!

  • Is online discount the same as in-store?

  • What colours of UB4.0?

  • +1

    Still on at Birkenhead today. Nike has 40% everything

  • Can confirm this deal is also at Brisbane outlet (DFO) got some ultraboosts today for 90 bucks 😁 and some other shoes for 50 and 60 each

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