Portable Air Con

Don’t know a lot about these. Been reading all evening.

Essentially I have a master bedroom in a rental south east QLD that’s gonna need some air conditioning.

I understand they aren’t amazing, and they can be expensive.

That said, any suggestions. From my limited reading 10K BTU should be sufficient for a standard master bedroom.

(We already have cooling in the main living spaces)

Appreciate any suggestions or tips about these anyone has.




    SEQ here, and I have one of these, https://www.appliancesonline.com.au/product/esatto-epac41c-4...

    Is it as good as a split? No. Does it cool my room down? Yes.

    I have the air con and a high volume pedestal fan working together. I put the fan behind the AC and point it at me. Turn the AC on about 30-60 minutes before bed, then turn the fan on just before hopping into bed with the AC on a 60 minute timer to turn off. Works well.

    For just day use, yeah it does work well at bringing the heat down.


    My advice would be to spend more on something stronger. You can find used ones on gumtree/facebook marketplace for good prices sometimes. Look for polocool and Olimpia they are generally considered to be the best.

    Use this calculator to find out how many BTUs you actually need, and then add a bit extra:

    also making sure you seal the window and doors as best you can.


    Just off the topic comment.
    I had a portable aircon 10 years back.
    Cooling was good, but it can be really noisy when you are trying to sleep. Test run at the store seemed to be ok(wide floor area), but when I put it in our bedroom, it was really noisy. I ended up selling it after about 6 month.
    I am a bit sensitive to noise, so it might be just me.
    Also, as this was like 10 years ago, newer models might be quieter.


    Portable aircon can be expensive and cost more to run.
    But if that's the only way, then go for it. Certainly better than fan.

    I have Dimplex which I like because it's self evaporative. This means you don't need hose to drain the water.

    I'd suggest to get more than the suggested size.