Recommendations for Vacuum Cleaner Turbo Head

Hi, I would like to purchase a turbo head for my ducted vacuum cleaner. Something that will pick up dog fur.
I have looked online and there are so many to choose from varying in price from $75- $225.
I would like some Ozbargainers recommendations/experiences with what brand is the best please? A bargain is not a priority, more so a turbo head that will work effectively beating out and picking up the dogs fur in my textured wool mat. Thanks for any help.



    Whatever one you get, make sure it's easy to disassemble/assemble as you will have to chop out a lot of hair over time.

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    Any turbo head that isn't powered by electricity isn't worth having, ie the ones powered by the suction air.


      Total crap. The turbo head on our Miele C3 works great. Two young daughters and a wife all with long hair as well as two dogs, grabs it all up. Yes it needs cleaning every so often, but so does every rotating brush head.

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        Oh god, dare someone not have the same view as you, yes you must insult them and downvote straight away like you have!

        Ok lets look at your $569 vacuum that is so magically, oh wait it doesn't come with a turbo head standard, that appears to be a $179 accessory. So now we are up to $748, but lets contiune.

        Ok looking at the TurboTeQ head that is listed for use with the C3, yes it is powered by air, but this one doesn't waste the suction air like a lot of them do. So yes your head might be slightly better than most powered by suction air units, but I would disagree, the motor powered ones always perform better.


          JimmyF what powers the motor on an electric head when it is attached to the end of the hose/stick? Do you recharge it?


            @simplyme: You can buy a whole rod/head/cord for your ducted system.

            The power cable clips onto the hose and Into the handle of the rod which passes the power into the power head.

            The cheapest of power heads (Hoover vouge/mode) will outperform the most expensive vacuums with turbo heads. The power heads vibrate the carpet to loosen dirt and then use powered brushes to suck up the dirt. Turbo heads rely only on suction to spin the brush.


          JimmyF . Wow.

          So much hate.

          I never insulted you, I simply said that your comment was total crap, which it is. The unit we have works very well with the multitude of different lengths of human and animal hair we have in our house…..

          My c3 was $450 and since it's the cat and dog version, the turbo head came with it.

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