JB Hi-Fi Discount - How Low Can I Go?


I'm purchasing an Xbox one s, Forza Horizon 4, earphones, powerbank, Bluetooth headphones.
All together, it comes too $600.

How much of a discount should I expect. I think 20% discount (roughly $500) is good.
How low can I go?

Thanks in advance

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    The only way you'd be getting 20% is if you knew someone who worked for JB Hi-Fi and used discounted gift cards to pay.

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    "I think 20% discount (roughly $500) is good."

    That's a fantastic deal… go get`m tiger…

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    Good luck with that. Let us know how you go.

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    . I think 20% discount (roughly $500) is good

    Yep, definitely good
    Not realistic or going to happen, but definitely good

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    I think 20% discount (roughly $500) is good.

    I think if you get it you'll able to come back for your second post to tell us all about it and be honoured by all for ever.


    $15 to $20 off about 80% to 90% of your items. Literally only half kidding.

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    25% should be achievable

    Go try when they're busy and see how you go. Report back

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    why limit yourself? start from 50% and negotiate from there.
    also, if they agree to it, please record a video of the negotiation and post it here for our future reference

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    If you start off asking for an unreasonable discount you'll probably just get the store assistant pissed off and less likely to do a deal.

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    I think 20% discount (roughly $500) is good.
    How low can I go?

    20% discount is good.
    30% discount is great
    40% discount is cool
    50% discount is awesome
    70% discount is Wow!

    Should aim for Wow!. Thats what the staff's reaction to your request would be.

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    It'd start at $50 so they know I'm a serious buyer


    It's only fair if they give at least 70% off


    Try price matching first to make sure their prices are the same as competitors then try ask for a discount.

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    Another 1 post wonder.


    Tbh id be starting super, super aggressive. Take the items and slowly walk them out the door without paying, as soon as you're clear from the security guard - run.

    If they catch you then go with the 20% off.