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$20 off Two Birds Brewing Brew Tang 16 Can Cartons (from $55) + Free Shipping @ Two Birds Brewing


Two Birds Brewing have a long weekend deal on their Brew Tang Cans. These are pretty new and really awesome limited edition beers.
Summer Ale is a real banger and the Chew Tang and Sour are probably for me crafty beer likers. $20 off a carton is pretty good. Deal was sent to their fan database. I'm in Perth and can hardly find their beers, so always good to get these deals online.

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Two Birds Brewing
Two Birds Brewing


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    If you are Associated why you post like you are not?

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    I thought the pale ale was great, the taco beer was awesome, the passion victim summer ale was good, the chew tang wasn't as NEIPAish as I would have liked.
    Having said that, they're all good.

    My favourite (top) to least favourite:
    Passion victim
    Chew tang


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    Had their taco and pale. Taco is a really good beer and an absolute must try for the enthusiast, pale I can give or take. Plus their customer service is excellent. I recommend supporting this excellent brewer, definitely an up vote from me.


    Delicious beers and CHEAP. Get on it!