Free Bush Fire Donation - Koala Nita (80 Gems) Proceeds Going Towards Bushfires (can make a donation for free) @ Brawl Stars

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Brawl Stars released a Koala Nita skin with Bruce wearing a fireman outfit for brawl stars. Sales from this skin is donated to the bushfires. The skin costs 80 gems which if you just buy 80 gems from the shop is $8. However it can be purchased for alot less in bundles in bulk purchases. You can also play the game and get gems so you can donate for free if you want.

If you dont want to donate money but want to help the bushfires, you can play untill you have 80 gems then buy the skin. That way you are donating for free!

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    This doesn't seem like a deal, probably belongs on the forums. Still good to let people know though


    Coming in this update will be Koala Nita and all of the net proceeds from this skin for the first few months will be donated to help charities in Australia.

    Doesn't even say how much they will be giving.


    Also using the free gems would mean nothing gets donated as the net proceeds from the free purchase would be zero.