Smart Rice Cooker (Xiaomi) or Traditional Rice Cooker (Panasonic, Breba

Hi all,

Just wanted to hear the opinion of people more familiar with the subject than me.
We're on the market for a rice cooker for 2 person.
My partner had previously owned a Panasonic model and is happy to buy the same model again as she says that it would be a safe purchase.

Myself, I never really owned a rice cooker, just used friend's rice cookers, however I came across the Xiaomi smart rice cooker and though it looked cool.

The Xiaomi one has extra features but I guess the first thing you want for a rice cooker is too cook rice well. With that in mind would you go with a tech company rice cooker or would stick with traditional brands?

Thanks for any insights you may have guys.


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    Tiger is the best

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    Here comes the rice snobs with their fluffy rice :)

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    If you love eating rice and eat it on an almost daily basis then Zojirushi or Tiger. If you occasionally eat it then any brand will do (Panasonic, breville, Philips).

    Xiaomi are a great tech company but the extra features are just a gimmick.


    You can’t really go wrong with a National, Panasonic or a Tiger.


    I have the Xiaomi Ocooker Mini. Good for one or two people. Plus it looks cute.

    I particularly wanted one that had a minimum of half a cup (uncooked), which is enough for one meal for me. Max is two cups.


    Tiger rice cookers, they usually have 20% off but i couldnt find any deal for them anymore recently


    Don’t buy that Panasonic rice cooker !
    I got it, and I hate cleaning it up that device after cooking rice
    Especially that sticky vapour that get all stuck on the non removable cover and water collection point

    I got the Breville “Set and Serve” Rice cooker , far much easier to clean
    Just remove the pot and lid and chunk it into the dish washer
    And cheaper

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    I just use a joseph joseph microwave dish in the microwave. Works great.