Best Brand/Series for Upscaling Quality of 4k TVs?

Been seeing a lot of 4k TV brands but most of my content and streams aren't 4k.

What TV brand and series should I look for to avoid stuff looking horrible on a 4k screen?

We mostly watch movies, TV shows and cartoons.


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    If you really care a lot about it you could consider an HTPC running madVR.
    That will upscale better than a TV can. Much better :)


      This would work well for me since they're all running from the HTPC already

      I'll look into madvr, thanks!

      Btw you reckon bumping the HTPC resolution to 4k and letting the PC do upscaling would work better?


        I have an old 3770k running a GTX 1060 6GB and it runs madvr pretty well. You need to read some guides and tweak the settings. It uses about 50-70% of the GPU.

        Well worth investigating.

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      Thank you, you've made a huge difference mentioning madVR. Plenty more info on reddit regarding settings, and youtube to set it up. I have been with the convenience of VLC for so long, and was wondering why the picture was short of potential. I wish it was system wide (all media and games), and not just limited to media player.

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    Sony has consistently been the best for low quality content upscaled to 4K.


    Well, the real solution is to get 4k content.

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